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Are you currently generating leads on your website?

Essential Lead Generation Lessons From 4,000 Businesses

lead generation lessonsThis guide is based on real data from 4,000 businesses. Learn why these are the most important and cost effective factors for effectively driving traffic and qualifying leads for your business:

  • Blogging
  • Web Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Reach

Learn about optimal number of times to blog a month to generate more traffic. See how you can create leads by creating more web pages, and see actual ROI from social media.

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Rave Review of the Guide

"The Lead Generation ebook from Shebang Design helped me to define what one of my freelance clients needed when it came to their online presence. Based on the knowledge that businesses who blogged 16 to 20 times per month doubled their traffic, I was able to suggest an increase in output that resultantly upped the company's blog readership by 80%. What was once a stale, once-every-few-weeks thing turned into a thriving piece of the company's site. I followed that up by increasing the number of landing pages for ads and social media posts, which resulted in a growing social media following along with increased appointments and sales for the company. "

"To say the least, the Lead Generation ebook provided great information to back up my content generation proposals for the company, and is something I will always keep in mind when developing online content plans."

Tara Monks
Freelance Writer
West Palm Beach
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